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London Calling: New Season 2017


main characters: Mr F, Mr S, Mrs V-L, Mrs G


starring: 40 (volunteering!) students from 8abc


director: Mrs G


setting: London (the real one!)


costumes: no limits (apart from the travelling bag's capacity)


music: coach driver's radio - playing any local station's programme


lighting: bright spring sun (behind some kind of clouds in Episode 3)


The Plot


Episode 1:           April 2nd

                             20:45: coach driver (a friendly one, lulling everyone in a false sense of security)

                             playing Tetris with the bags

                             20:55: boarding completed - crew now playing "I spy with my little eye something

                             beginning with "P" - well, there's always at least one passport that doesn't show

                             up; then - after a good hour's ride the crew draws a blank in the coach driver

                             lottery: the Grumpy Duo aka Horst & Werner is taking over the steering wheel

                             - and the atmosphere of the night's journey starts to freeze a bit

Episode 2:           April 3rd

                             leaving Germany at dawn - passing through the Netherlands and Belgium, then

                             arriving at the port of Calais (France); and yes, loooooooooooooong border

                             controls do suck! - well, however, finally off the ferry in Dover (UK) - wait, isn't

                             that the wrong side of the road? - and rolling straight into lovely Canterbury for a

                             short stop and, shortly before sundown, the crew reaches its final destination:

                             London (well, at least its southeastern suburbia with a bunch of quite nice host

                             families - so everybody is enjoying their first London evening (and night)

Episode 3:           April 4th

                             reunion of the crew on the coach rather early in the morning;  and off to a guided

                             tour through London (saying hi to Miss Pettit who leads the way to the hottest

                             tourist spots), then lunch break at the famous Tower (with the real Fish'n'chips

for the hungriest of the crew) and after that a treasure hunt at the Tower of

London (Crown Jewels included) - finally, as the sun is showing for a moment the

crew approaches the Monument (to climb its 311steps for a great view of London)

Episode 4:           April 5th

                             the wheels on the bus go round and round....all through the town - the Grumpy

                             Duo desperately looking for the London Dungeon (first item on the agenda)

                             which mysteriously seems to have disappeared overnight....oh oh, belated April

                             fools you are - the whole thing moved 4 years ago!........

                             after a scary tour through the Dungeon's darkness it's time for a touristy walking

                             tour (incuding lots of photo stops) right into the centre of the city: Trafalgar

                             Square (hi there, Lord Nelson); and finally off to Madame Tussauds - the mother

                             of all the wax museums around the world - to get in touch with its waxy


Episode 5:           April 6th

                             time to say the host family in the morning and, finally to London in

                             the evening - but in between another exciting day is waiting - with a touch of

                             royalty at Kensington Palace and, tadah, the soooooooooooo longed-for spare

                             time afterwards (including the adventure of group travelling on the underground

                             and individual shopping tours up and down Oxford and Regent Streets - so, in

                             the end there is a lot of chit chat when reuniting for the very last item on the

                             London agenda: a flight on the Coca Cola London Eye into the most beautiful of

                             all sunsets........


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